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Are you searching for tutors to help with your exams?  Perhaps you're taking the SAT exam or ACT exam?  We've helped more than 11,000+ students prepare for a multitude of exams and tests in the past 15+ years.

Perhaps you're taking one of these many exams and need help preparing to increase and improve your scores for exams and tests for more than 30+ subjects from private and boarding school admissions, college and universities, to graduate level exams and professional certification exams.

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Exam Prep.  Explained.  Review by Experts on Test Prep.

Exam Prep.  Explained.  Review by Experts on Test Prep.

Whatever and whenever you're preparing for your exams, don't miss out... contact Top Test Prep to get an edge on the competition.

Our test prep tutors... 

Our test prep tutors... 

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  • SAT, ACT, AP Exams (College Admissions)
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  • CPA, USMLE, CFA (Professional Level Exams)

No matter what exam you're taking, if you've got a test scheduled and need help... you've found the right test prep company to make your life easier... and to simplify your examinations.  

In this article on finding the best tutors for your next exams, we've also added some great exam prep resources and tips to help you study for these exams. 

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Who are our test prep tutors?

Our test prep tutors care about you.   And you will succeed with our help. 

Our test prep tutors care about you.

And you will succeed with our help. 

Top Test Prep has hundreds of test prep tutors nationwide - both online and in-person (one-on-one).  We're a privately-held, employee-owned company that has served thousands of students successfully, by helping them gain admission to the best schools.  All of our tutors have scored in the top 1% on the exams and enjoy teaching.  

Unlike other test prep companies, we provide you with a customized plan, the most resources available, and 24/7 VIP support.  

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Top Test Prep provides students and families with a custom study plan, on-demand videos and tutorials, the best test prep books, and a one-on-one exam prep tutors to help you master your examinations.

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Our test prep tutors are can work with students in any country, city, or zip code.   Because all of our tutors can meet both in-person and online, there's no limit to where we can meet for tutoring.

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Once you've signed up for our tutoring, you can begin typically within 48 hours.  If you need tutoring faster, simply signup here and let's get started.

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Test Prep Reviews of our Exam Prep Tutoring!

Test Prep Reviews of our Exam Prep Tutoring!

All of our exam prep is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, a 24/7 support staff, and the best resources to help you get ready.  

Beyond these facts, we average a 4.98 rating out of more than 11,000+ programs completed (Top Test Prep Review).

The competition doesn't compare to the high-level of tutoring... our test prep company is dedicated to your success from day one until your exam day.

10 Best Ways to Study for Your Exams:

Top Exam Prep Tips and Final Notes

It's pretty safe to say that preparing for major exams isn't easy. So many people experience varying degrees of test anxiety and ear. However, with a lot of preparation, understanding your patterns and figuring out the right routine, you can ace any exam. It's important to figure out what your best study rituals are and how to prepare for exams. If you're interested in figuring out your own routine, consider these different exam prep tips. 

Effective Retention Tactics for Exams

#1 Figure out learning style. 
Educational researchers continue to find different ways to group learners. Some of the most popular learning styles include kinesthetic, visual and aural. A visual learner works best when they can see the information. Visual learners truly appreciate the power of a dry erase board, colorful dry erase markers and visual aids. Aural learners need to take in their information by listening. Audiobooks and repetition are key elements for aural learners to drill the information to memory. Kinesthetic learners learn through touch. They love efforts that include hands-on education. This might include the use of dioramas, experiments and activities. 

#2 Get a tutor for your exam prep.
Sitting in a room and studying alone can get incredibly boring and understandably lonely. It's important to have someone who knows the information well, keep you focused and show you how to study for exams. Consider investing in a tutor. A tutor can catch the mistakes and correct them in a holistic way. The specialized attention is perfect because the tutor can really help a student retain the information and fully comprehend it as well. Besides, one of the main purposes of education is to understand the information and relay comprehension. A tutor is also great for accountability. It can be hard to focus on one task and get it done without checking the email, social media or other distractions. 

#3 Create memorization techniques. 
Using your learning style, it's really wise to create memorization techniques you can really use. For example, if you're an aural learner that's studying for a history final exam, you might want to write down your notes and important notes to remember. Then, pull out a recording device and record yourself reciting the information. Pull out your headphones and listen to the recording until it is ingrained in your mind. If you're a kinesthetic learner studying for an anatomy and physiology exam, consider purchasing clay and building a sculpture of the heart. As you build each piece, you'll have a better time remembering its function. 

#4 Use study guides. 
When you're preparing for a test, the teacher typically hands out study guides throughout the semester. Gather all of your study materials and notes to prepare the most comprehensive agenda for your study periods. If your teacher didn't give out a study guide, it doesn't hurt to ask for one. However, don't wait until two weeks before the exam to ask for one. You know the final exam is coming at the beginning of the semester. If the teacher hasn't passed one out halfway through or even a month before, don't hesitate to ask for what you need. Explain that it's part of your routine and how to study for exams. It's also a great idea to go online and see what study guides and resources are available for your specific topic. You might be able to download some really great study guides on the same subjects.

Environmental Factors

#5 Light
If you like to study in your bedroom, make sure you have adequate light that can keep you alert and awake. To be honest, you might want to find somewhere else to study that's not close to your bed. Since you'll be reading a lot while you study, it's important to protect your eyes and make sure you're not straining to see anything. It may seem like a minor factor, but it's important. Staring at computer screens and small words for hours on end can really take a toll on your eyesight. Make sure you're in a well-lit environment in order to protect the quality of your eyesight. 

#6 Temperature
When it's time to sit down and study for a few hours, environmental elements like temperature matter. If you're in a room that's extremely hot, you're going to have a difficult time focusing. If you're in a room that's frigid, you'll stay awake, but you'll probably think more about how you can generate heat and get warm. Either way, both extremes take the focus off of your studies and onto your discomfort. The best option is to study in a room that's either perfectly comfortable or on the cooler side. Most libraries and buildings keep the temperature around 69 degrees. If this is too cold for you, carry an extra sweatshirt so you can warm up. 

#7 Noise Level
The noise level is one of the most important environmental factors to consider. If you're in an area that's extremely loud, it'll be hard to focus and retain information. If your siblings won't turn down the music while you're studying, consider visiting the local library for some peace and quiet. If the sound of silence drives you crazy, you might like a little bit of background noise. Pull out your music streaming app and listen to some classical music while you work. You could also go to work in a coffee shop that doesn't have much foot traffic. Sometimes, the sound of a running fan will do the trick. 

#8 Consistency is key.
In order to succeed with anything in life, it's important to develop a habit of consistency. Your consistent efforts will compound upon one another and allow you to experience a great deal of personal confidence and achievement. You can't expect to have two really good study sessions every other month and do well on the final. To really ingrain the information in your mind, it's best to have weekly study sessions. In fact, you need to have study sessions, multiple times every week. You do have other classes so you may not be able to study every day. Try to have at least two solid study sessions every single week. This one step will take you far. 

Personal Rhythms

#9 Time of Day to Study
When you're looking at how to study for exams, you need to factor in the time of day you prefer. If you're a morning person, go to bed a little earlier than usual and wake up for a 4 am or 5 am studying session. Even if you just get one solid hour in every day before school, you'll be in much better shape by the end of one week. Night owls might always hear that early rising is better. However, work with your rhythm. If an evening study session from 7 pm to 9 pm works well for you to get in the study zone, don't force yourself to do what's unnatural to your body. 

#10 Work/Life Balance
In your quest to figure out how to prepare for exams, you'll want to maintain a healthy balance. If you focus a ton of time on getting good grades, you'll want to balance it with some downtime and a social life. Out of all the exam prep tips to consider, you'll really benefit from prioritizing your school work, family life and social life. Colleges want to know that you're well-rounded. If you're one-sided and spend all your waking hours pouring over exam prep tips and work, you'll burn out. Remember to balance it all. 

It's important to run through each of the twelve factors and customize them to figure how to prepare for exams. When you do this, you'll give yourself the upper hand and the best chance of succeeding with your exams. Before long, you'll be able to face any exam in the future since you now have a customized study plan.

How our exam prep tutoring works.  

How our exam prep tutoring works.  

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