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Top Test Prep Verified Reviews - Top Test Prep's Official Reviews and Ratings

Top Test Prep Verified Reviews.  

Reviews of Top Test Prep's "Best-Ranked" Programs

Top Test Prep Reviews - Read Below to Learn More.    Read entire page of reviews and Top Test Prep's contact information is below too.

Top Test Prep Reviews - Read Below to Learn More.

Read entire page of reviews and Top Test Prep's contact information is below too.

If you're searching for reviews about Top Test Prep and want to learn what clients and customers from more than 15+ years have said about our private tutoring, test prep courses, admissions counseling and academic rankings, then read below.  

You'll find that Top Test Prep's average rating is 4.98 out of 5 stars, with more than 11,293+ reviews across 4 primary categories and 13+ exams in 30+ worldwide countries.  

Top Test Prep is Mission-Driven, Family-Owned, and Will Remain.

Top Test Prep remains the most successful (and only) private, family-owned admissions and test prep company that works with students around the world.  

All of our independent contractors average more than 5+ years working with our team. 

Top Test Prep's Reputation is Proven.

More specifically, we have a reputation of increasing and improving test prep scores by more than 37 percentiles per exam... Top Test Prep is the industry leader.  Read the below reviews to see what the buzz about Top Test Prep's tutoring, test prep, and admissions consulting is all about.

Here are Reviews of what people say about Top Test Prep:

Top Test Prep's Reviews
4.97 stars – 12,763 reviews

Verified reviews of Top Test Prep:

The reviews about Top Test Prep are as follows with testimonials included:

"Top Test Prep helped my daughter get accepted to the nation's top boarding school - Phillips Exeter Academy - and she also was admitted to 3 other top schools including Lawrenceville, Choate, and Groton. They have top 1% tutors, but more importantly people who care about your development. Top Test Prep's program gave a major boost to her confidence. We really appreciate everything Top Test Prep did for our family."

(Mark H. SSAT and Boarding School Admissions)

Accepted to Phillips Exeter Academy

SSAT Prep | ISEE Prep | Private School Admissions Reviews

"There's no better company... in the world to prepare for the SSAT, than Top Test Prep. They're amazing. My son increased his SSAT scores by more than 38 percentiles and was accepted to 8 out of 9 top boarding schools in America."

(Lisa A., Prep School Admissions)

"Top Test Prep's programs made my life as a parent easier. After all, the SSAT exam isn't the easiest for middle school and high school students... but we took Top Test Prep's online SSAT prep course and improved our son's SSAT scores by 41 percentiles. He was accepted to nearly half of the nation's top 25 boarding schools."

(Robert A., Private School Admissions) Accepted to Phillips Academy Andover, St. Paul's, Exeter, Lawrenceville, and Groton.

SAT and ACT Prep Reviews

"Top Test Prep increased my son's scores by more than 280+ points on the SAT and 8 points on the ACT Exam. We love Top Test Prep."

(Lynda A, SAT and ACT Prep) Accepted to Cornell and U-Chicago

"Top Test Prep's SAT prep is the best in the nation. We took Top Test Prep's SAT course... and then followed up with ACT prep. Jon increased his SAT score by 310 points and his ACT scores by 11 points from a 22 to a 33."

(Steven T. SAT and ACT Prep) Accepted to Princeton and Dartmouth

Expert Admissions Consulting and Test Prep Services

"With Top Test Prep, I was able to get into every school I applied to.... Top Test Prep is the best for tutoring and test prep courses."

(Catherine, GMAT Prep) Accepted to Stanford Business School

"Top Test Prep is the best for my son. My son was admitted first to top private schools - he received SSAT and ISEE prep - and then 7 years later become a doctor with Top Test Prep's MCAT program!"

(Li H., Parent of Student for SSAT, ISEE, and later MCAT Prep) Accepted to Exeter, Andover, Choate, Groton, and Milton)



LSAT Test Prep Reviews

"Extremely personalized... gave me everything I needed to succeed on the LSAT exam. From first diagnostic to final, my score jump approximately 20 points (on the LSAT)."

(Cory, LSAT Student) (Accepted to University of Virginia/UVA Law)

"The best LSAT Prep in America. The tutors. The materials. All-in-one. I recommend Top Test Prep's programs 100% to anyone preparing for any exam."

John V., LSAT Student (Accepted to 10 Top Law Schools)


Top Test Prep vs. Kaplan vs. Princeton Review (Competitors)

"Most the other programs developed a one-size fits all... versus Top Test Prep which bring a custom approach to traditional test prep. Top Test Prep combines online, on-demand test preparation with tutoring when you need it."

Katherine A. (Accepted to Penn Wharton MBA School)

"Top Test Prep beats every competitor by a mile. They've got custom materials and have partnered with top tutors to help you increase your scores, big time!"

Alex S. (Accepted to Stanford University)

Top Test Prep vs. Competitors. Official Review of Top Test Prep.

Top Test Prep vs. Competitors. Official Review of Top Test Prep.

GMAT + LSAT Prep Reviews

"Through the guidance of Top Test Prep, I re-wrote my entire application and got accepted to more schools than I could count on my hands. I applied to both top law schools and business schools."(David B. (LSAT + GMAT Prep) Accepted to Yale Law JD/MBA

"Top Test Prep's GMAT Prep review is phenomenal. I increased my GMAT Score by 140 points and scored in the Top 1% on the GMAT examination."

(Lisa, Accepted to Harvard Business School)


MCAT Test Prep Reviews

"This was my make it or break it moment in life... I called Kaplan and Princeton Review, but none of them compared to Top Test Prep... I improved my MCAT score by 12 points! Definitely check out Top Test Prep's programs." (MCAT Score out of 45)

(Alison L., MCAT Prep and Med School Admissions Counseling)

"Are you searching for the best MCAT prep... well, look no further than Top Test Prep's medical college admission prep... I received a 27 point increase in my score from a 493 to a 520 on the new MCAT examination.)

(Mark, MCAT Test Prep on the New Exam for Medical School Admissions.

"Top Test Prep's MCAT program was rated-5 stars by the recent U.S. News and World Report.... and now, I completely get it. Their test prep tutors for the MCAT are remarkable... understanding... patient... and helped me get accepted to 4 medical schools in the United States."

(John T., MCAT Test Prep) Accepted to 7 Medical Schools in USA

"Overall, I'd rate Top Test Prep's programs a 10 out of 10. They're not just a test prep company, but they combine online programs with in-home support as well."

(Al Yu., CPA Review) Passed the CPA Exam on the First Attempt.


Top Test Prep Reduces Anxiety, Increases Scores, and Helps You Gain Admission to the Best Schools in America (..and Internationally.)

Find out how Top Test Prep has built a successful company by increasing scores and improving chances of admission.  You need to learn more about Top Test Prep, before you apply... don't wait.  

"Top Test Prep significantly reduced my anxiety...

"With Top Test Prep, I knew exactly what I need to do... I didn't waste any time working with them."

"With Top Test Prep, we got on-demand courses, top-ranked private tutors, and an admissions expert counselor, who cared."


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