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USMLE Exam Prep - Real Case Study

By USMLE Expert - Sarah Thomas

How Mia Scored a 264 on USMLE Step 1 and matched to the best Dermatology programs in America.

Why were we ranked the "Best USMLE Prep" 3 years in a row?  Read the entire article about the USMLE to find out.

Why were we ranked the "Best USMLE Prep" 3 years in a row?

Read the entire article about the USMLE to find out.

I think you'll agree with me when I say: 

It's really hard to score above a 250 on your USMLE before applying to residency programs... right?

But what if I were to tell you, we're able to not only help you score in the highest percentiles for the USMLE, but also help you match to top residency programs?

Our USMLE test prep and tutoring is here to help you master your examination so that you can get accepted to the best residency medical school programs in America.

Yes, but sure to read this entire article about the United States Medical Licensing Examination®  (aka "USMLE") exam... and you'll find out how one woman mastered the exam and matched to one of the best M.D./residency programs in America. And if you have questions about your own USMLE... let us know!


Today you're going to learn about how Mia, who was in her second year of medical school.  She's the real deal and our best case study from the Top Test Prep USMLE test prep team. 

We're so proud of Mia's USMLE exam score results that she allowed us to share this story today.  If you've ever heard of the "USMLE" also known as the "United States Medical Licensing Examination®" by the National Board of Medical Examiners then you want to read this story and share with your friends and family.

...And because we want to help you access the top residency programs too, we're also going to give you some bonus interview prep to help once you land your interviews for these medical residency programs.

USMLE Prep Review
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In this case study on the USMLE exam, we'll also walk you through a detailed analysis of how, you too, can prepare for the new USMLE exam with our books, practice exams, and "best" USMLE test prep courses.

Included in this article are "TOP" Secrets for USMLE prep: make sure you read all the way to the bottom and contact us Too!


How To Prepare for the USMLE - Mia's Story.

USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 - Best Reviewed Course for Medical Students

USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 - Best Reviewed Course for Medical Students

Mia is from Dallas, Texas.  She's a straight-shooter.  Candid, out-spoken, and brilliant in school.

In fact, when she was an undergraduate in college, she decided to take the MCAT exam, and she scored in the top 20% for that test.  She took all of the prerequisites for medical school: organic chemistry, biology, chemistry, and physics (among others), and was accepted to top medical schools with her 3.92 GPA.

After being accepted to medical school, the first year was rough... but it got easier... until the second year when Mia discovered she'd have to take the USMLE exam - and compete against the most intelligent, brightest medical school students in the world.  It's already a self-selected group of smart people, but can you imagine what it's like taking one more exam that will determine the course of your future?  Wait, of course you can, you're taking the USMLE exam too!

So anyhow, Mia searched for ways "how to prepare for the USMLE" - books, test prep questions, question banks, and resources - and somehow stumbled upon our course (we're honored).  

Before reaching out to our USMLE experts, she compiled a list of possible residencies/specialities in which she might be interested...

Here are specialities Mia was considering for residency matching:

Plastic surgery 



Orthopedic surgery

Otolaryngology (ENT)

*The Mean/Median Score for these fields is a 245+*

With less than 20% of medical students scoring in this range.

Wow.  The Acceptance rates were extremely challenging.  How could Mia score above a 245?

USMLE Scores and Matching Percentiles.

USMLE Scores and Matching Percentiles.

After researching these residency programs and specialities, Mia realized that in order to get almost assured acceptance to the top 5 specialities like Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Otolaryngology (ENT), Radiology or Orthopedic Surgery, she would likely have to score in the top 5% percentile, meaning she would have to beat more than 95% of the medical students with whom she was competing.

Very challenging.

Could he do it?  

Yes. Yes. and Yes.

However, he Mia only had 4 months to prepare, and little test prep guidance... until she met our USMLE residency experts.  

Even if he had the motivation, intelligence, and drive to succeed, the USMLE examination was one of the most challenging exams in the world.... but we would help her master the USMLE - through our top-ranked practice bank, resources like interview questions, and USMLE tutors who made the test, easy. 

....So SHE found our course on the USMLE.  

"The World's BEST USMLE Prep Course" - Wow, for Real?

Yes, ranked by U.S. News and several education publications.

"The Best USMLE Prep for Med Students."

"The Best USMLE Prep for Med Students."

When Mia called our USMLE test prep department, she asked three great questions: "what's the average score improvement you see with your USMLE students?" and, "what score do I need to get on the USMLE to get matched with top programs?"..."what kind of practice materials and resources do you have available for the USMLE?"  

So we answered her questions:

1.) 25 to 30 points (average USMLE increase).

2.) a 245+ or higher will help increase your odds of a top residency match.

3.) We partner with the best test prep vendors and instructors to bring you the most updated USMLE practice questions and data bank on the entire planet.

We get these questions about the USMLE quite often, but in Mia's case there was a sense of urgency because of her intense workload outside of preparation, which we understood.  After all, the USMLE exam is the most important exam that any student had throughout their academic careers.  The USMLE was the real deal... and we were ready for her (and you).

Ok, so you're wondering... of course, this is the part where you tell us how great your program is and how within X days she got an 100% increase in his score.... wrong!  

In fact, Mia struggled on the first USMLE practice exam.  When she enrolled in our USMLE prep program, she took more than 6 practice exams before seeing any meaningful increase in his USMLE scores.

Here's an Honest (and Interesting fact) about OUr USMLE prep:

More than 394 students (last year) have taken our USMLE course and it took on average more than 24 days before students saw a 10% increase in their USMLE scores.

Why are we telling you this?

Because our client satisfaction and USMLE results are the highest in the industry, and you need to know it does take time... but we ALWAYS get the job done, right.  And students will be satisfied with the intensiveUSMLE prep, combined with a flexible option to study and take practice questions on his or her own schedule.

When you get accepted, like USMLE did, to the best dental schools... because of our USMLE prep and your hard work, you'll never forget the people and USMLE tutors who helped you prepare.  That's another fact that we've seen many times as we prepare students for the USMLE examination.  

Now here's another fact about our USMLE prep:

Once Mia took the USMLE exam, she increased her USMLE scores by more than 33+ percentiles.

...And now, you're wondering, what worked to increase her USMLE scores?


Here's what he knew, that you need to know about the USMLE exam.

How did Mia increase her USMLE score to the Top 3%?

The simple answer for Pre-Residency students?

Hard work. Top-Ranked, Experienced USMLE tutors. Tons of effort on all sides.

After Mia took 9 practice USMLE exams, more than 8,800 USMLE practice questions, and all of her 1080 minutes of private USMLE tutoring, she beat the odds of testing for a top 3% percentile score.  But it wasn't luck, it was again... hard work and by taking our "World's Best USMLE Course" - see below how to sign up for this USMLE course.

But don't listen to us... hear from Mia herself about our USMLE test preparation.

"There's no better USMLE prep program in America.  My friends and I all signed up for your USMLE prep and got top-quality instructors and awesome resources.  Thank you for making it happen."

USMLE Best Ways - How to Prepare.

USMLE Best Ways - How to Prepare.

And now, we'll share some helpful USMLE prep tips for you too...

You Must-Know these Steps to Prepare for Your USMLE Exam:

Step #1: Create a custom study plan for YOUR USMLE Examination:

Making a custom USMLE study plan makes all the difference.  Whether we help you or not, make sure you're studying at least 10 hours per week leading up to the actual USMLE test date.  You should focus on the USMLE exam prep practice questions that are easiest first and then gradually increase in difficulty until you can handle beginner, intermediate and advanced questions with ease.  You can, and will, master and improve your quantitative USMLE as well, but your study plan must be perfect.  

Step #2: set a flexible schedule that works for YOUR USMLE Preparation:

Having a flexible schedule - i.e. one that balances your core school work with your extracurricular activities and your USMLE test prep is so important.  That's why we built our USMLE prep on-demand course.  With our on-demand course, you can watch videos about the USMLE exam and prepare anytime you need with this course we reviewed below.

Step #3: Set a goal to achieve every two weeks. And don't break it.

Every two weeks, you should accomplish something new on the USMLE exam.  Perhaps it's understand more pathology, physiology, or anatomy, or even being able to read questions and passages 3x faster.  Whatever your goal - small or big - achieve it by setting goals and reaching them.

Step #4... Oh, and Mia took the World's Best USMLE Prep Course.

USMLE Prep Review "The World's Best USMLE Course."

USMLE Prep Review "The World's Best USMLE Course."

The USMLE prep course in which she enrolled had the following:

  • All-Access to Best Residency Rankings.

  • All-Access to "Best USMLE Prep Course Videos."

  • 8,800 Real Practice USMLE Questions, including interview admissions books.

  • 5 "Best" USMLE Test Prep Books.

  • Unlimited USMLE Practice Exams, Graded.

Bonuses, We've Added for You:

1,080 Minutes One-on-One, Private USMLE Tutoring.

+ 90 Minute Session with Medical Doctor and Top USMLE Scorer in 2016 (Essays, Application Review, and Interview Prep).

24/7 VIP Support for Both USMLE Tutoring & Admissions Help.


Here's an ACTUAL Letter from Mia...

...who took the Top Test Prep USMLE Course...Yes, we're proud.

Residency Matching Program - USMLE Explained.

Residency Matching Program - USMLE Explained.

Frequently Asked Questions about this USMLE course:

Who are your USMLE tutors?

Our USMLE private tutors are all trained, professionals, dedicated to helping students see major breakthroughs in exam scores.  All of our USMLE private tutors have scored in the top 3% for the USMLE exam and have attended/graduated from the best medical schools in America.

What's on the USMLE Exam?

According to the United States Medical Licensing Examination Board, these are all of the subjects on the exam to be prepare for:

USMLE Step 1 includes test items in the following content areas:

  • anatomy,

  • behavioral sciences,

  • biochemistry,

  • microbiology,

  • pathology,

  • pharmacology,

  • physiology,

  • interdisciplinary topics, such as nutrition, genetics, and aging.

Step 1 is a broadly based, integrated examination. Test items commonly require you to perform one or more of the following tasks:

  • interpret graphic and tabular material,

  • identify gross and microscopic pathologic and normal specimens,

  • apply basic science knowledge to clinical problems.

We'll tell you in a little bit about how he accomplished such an amazing feat: to get a top 3% percentile score on the USMLE.

For USMLE Step 2: 

Step 2 CK includes test items in the following content areas:

  • internal medicine,

  • obstetrics and gynecology,

  • pediatrics,

  • preventive medicine,

  • psychiatry,

  • surgery,

  • other areas relevant to provision of care under supervision.

Most Step 2 CK test items describe clinical situations and require that you provide one or more of the following:

  • diagnosis,

  • a prognosis,

  • an indication of underlying mechanisms of disease,

  • the next step in medical care, including preventive measures.

Where are your USMLE tutors?

Our USMLE private tutors are all based in America.  They meet our clients online in an amazing one-on-one, online room built by our partners.   It's much better than having to commute, and easier for you to work in the comfort of your living room, bedroom, or study.  

How do you have so many real practice USMLE questions? Where'd you get them?

"USMLE Exam Review" More than 10,000 students have taken our programs and we've got thousands of happy customers.

"USMLE Exam Review" More than 10,000 students have taken our programs and we've got thousands of happy customers.

We have so many real exams because we've been preparing students for the USMLE exam for more than 15+ years.  We've compiled these USMLE actual questions from hundreds of past tutors, instructors, as well as from the United States Medical Licensing Board.

How do you have "unlimited" USMLE practice exams?

Our unlimited practice exams promise is this... we have more than 20+ USMLE exams in our database.  The record for most number of USMLE practice exams any student has ever taken in 10+ years is 18.  That's right, 18, real USMLE exams.  If you take all 20 practice USMLE exams, we'll literally write a new USMLE exam just for you.  It's entirely possible, and we're ready for the challenge.  After all, the better you score, the more likely you are to recommend our company to your friends :).

How does the process work after we signup for your USMLE prep course?

There are three steps to the process.  (1) Once you sign up by paying online for the USMLE prep course, we'll send you immediate access to your secure USMLE prep login, (2) Once you get access, we'll call and explain the process and walk you through, step-by-step, everything you need to know, (3) We'll ship your books and schedule your USMLE tutoring, (4) Monitor your USMLE prep program, and (5) We'll check in once every month with you.

Do you have an USMLE score guarantee?

100%.  That's right.  We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you complete all of the USMLE test prep videos, complete all practice questions included in the USMLE prep course, and take more than 5 practice exams (graded) and aren't satisfied, we'll allow you to take the course free, again.  The good news: this has happened three times in the past 5 years, out of thousands of students who prepared for this important exam.

How Can You Sign Up for the "#1 USMLE Course?"

World's Best USMLE Prep (All-Access Pass).
  • All-Access to World's Largest USMLE Question Bank
  • Lifetime Access for both Step 1 and Step 2 of the USMLE.
  • All-Access Residency Interview Question Database.
  • All-Access to "Best USMLE Prep On-Demand Course Videos."
  • 10,800 Real USMLE Practice Questions, including top books.
  • 5 "Best" USMLE Test Prep Books.
  • Unlimited USMLE Practice Exams, Graded.

Bonuses Added:

600 Minutes One-on-One, USMLE Private Tutoring.

+ 90 Minute Session with Chief Resident at Top Residency Program (Assessing Your Essays, Application Review, and Interview Questions).

24/7 VIP Support for USMLE Prep.

Click Here to Reserve Your Spot Now.

Backed by our 100% guarantee.