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Like you, I'm a parent who is constantly searching for the best academic opportunities to ensure my family gets a top-ranked education. In fact, I was inspired to create Top Test Prep as a way to give everyone my inside access and secrets to what I learned from my pursuit.  If you're searching for test preparation, admissions consultants, or admissions experts to help your son or daughter get accepted to the best private schools (boarding schools), colleges and universities, or graduate schools, Top Test Prep can help you.


What started out as a test preparation company, evolved into a full-force and team of academic reviewers, teachers, and parents searching for top education companies - elementary schools, private schools, colleges, and graduate programs - to ways to prepare for these academic institutions.  Our staff of trained private tutors, admissions consultants, and experts on admissions know exactly what it takes to succeed and gain admission to the best-ranked schools in America: from private boarding schools, colleges, to masters and Ph.D programs.  

All of our test prep, tutoring and admissions consulting programs are ranked and reviewed, as well as independently verified by our academic auditing team.  We also have anonymous students complete each academic program to give feedback for the company.  We also decided after more than 10 years developing proprietary rankings of the top schools and prep programs, to start offering private tutoring, test prep, and admissions consulting to parents like you.  Now we feature the bestselling test preparation and tutoring programs in America.

Now's your chance to find the best education firms and companies for your family, too.

How Top Test Prep Can Help You:

  • Private, One-on-One Tutoring and Intensive Test Preparation.

  • Test Preparation Courses (with small class sizes and 24/7 academic support).

  • Admissions Consultants and Experts to help you with your admissions essays, brag sheet, applications, and admissions interviews.

We have more than 223,000 subscribers and hundreds of official rankings of the top best education companies in America - who, what, where, and how - in many categories from tutoring, test prep, school rankings to books and study guides to send your families to the best schools.  We focus on quality, not quantity, when working with students to help improve, increase and boost exams/test scores for admissions.

With Top Test Prep, your son or daughter can work with private tutors and admissions experts who know what's required for admission to the best academic and education institutions in America.

You'll find out what our courses and prep are called the "World's Best Test Prep and Admissions Experts."  


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Top 1% trained and experienced private tutors.

Top 1% trained and experienced private tutors.

Best Private Tutors

Parents: we've ranked the top private tutors for all subjects, including test preparation and homework help for more than 30+ subjects.  If you'd like to see these rankings and begin your preparation with a private tutoring, click here.  

The most important factors in searching for a private tutor are quality of instructor, years of experience, and the ability to show up and perform for every tutoring lesson.  Our private tutoring lists include pre-vetted, academically gifted and verified private tutors who will help you succeed by increasing exam scores or improving your academic grades.


 Best Test Prep Courses

Searching for the best test prep courses? Good news: we've ranked the best "top" test prep courses to help you for more than 15 exams from private school admissions (SSAT, ISEE and HSPT), to college admissions (SAT & ACT), graduate exams (MCAT, DAT, LSAT, and GMAT), to professional exams and career-promoting tests (CPA Accounting, CFA, Series 7 Brokers, to the Bar Exam for Future Lawyers).

The most important factors in searching for a test preparation course to help you increase your scores on critical examinations are: (1) the course instructor's background, (2) verified score increases from the course, (3) the quality of materials - test prep books - and practice exams that accompany the test prep courses and classes

Most test prep courses are boring and lack interaction.  Our test prep is defined by awesome instructors and test prep books that can help you improve your scores by many points and percentiles!  Click here to see our best test prep courses, ranked.


Best Homework Help

Parents, if you're searching for homework tutors and help for subjects like math, reading, science, english or advanced subjects like Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, and Advanced Placement ("AP") exams, or test prep, we've spent the past 10+ years cultivating relationships with companies specializing in beginner, intermediate, and advanced subjects.  If your son or daughter needs better grades, we can help them improve grades and report cards to start getting A's in school.

The most important factors when you're trying to find a tutor for homework and subjects like math and science, are the following: (1) a tutor's understanding of the core topic, (2) instruction based on actual textbooks and homework given to each students, and (3) a weekly schedule that accommodates a student's daily activities.  

We've partnered up with some of the best tutoring companies in America to help students each week on so many subjects and examinations from the toughest level mathematics to sciences like Chemistry, Science and AP Exams.  

We've graduated from the best schools... so you can too. 


Official Top School Rankings:

"Best of the Best" Schools in America.

Best Private Schools

The Official Rankings of the Best Private Schools in America.  The award for 2018 and 2019 "Best Private School of the Year" along with 10 of the highest ranking private schools to watch in America, including private school schools and tuition information.

We evaluated more than 360+ of the best top private schools this year and have just released our awards for best of the best in 2018 and 2019.  Learn which private schools received the best Top Test Prep ranking by clicking here.

Best Online Test Prep

If you're searching for information about how to signup or enroll in the best online test preparation courses, we've put together a list of the best online test prep classes that you can take.  Additionally, we have access to the "World's Best Test Prep Courses" that you can take which includes personalized, one-on-one private tutoring to help you master your examinations - from the SSAT, ISEE, HSPT (Private Schools) to Colleges (SAT and ACT) to Graduate Level Examinations such as the CPA, CFA, Series 7, GMAT to Medicine such as the USMLE and MCAT exams.  

We have the best courses under one roof... and now you'll get access to all of these courses, by clicking here.

Best Boarding Schools

The Top Test Prep team of education experts has ranked the best boarding schools in America, including top schools such as Phillips Exeter Academy, Phillips Academy Andover, Groton, Lawrenceville, St. Paul's, Choate, Deerfield Academy, The Cate School, Hotchkiss, and The Thacher School.  Each of these boarding prep schools were ranked by top college matriculation, academic experience, student experience, and overall peer reputation.  

If you want to learn how to get accepted to the best boarding schools, clicking here and getting inside access to top boarding schools in America.

Best Colleges & Universities

If you're applying to colleges or universities and searching for the best colleges and universities in America, now you can find out which are the best for you to attend.  Our academic researchers and admissions consultants have assessed millions of data points on universities and colleges, including peer review, median/average SAT and ACT scores, academic experience, and personal experiences, and have put together a list of the "Best Colleges and Universities" for students to attend.  

If you want to see our official list of top colleges and universities, click here.

Best Medical Schools 

Searching for information on the "best medical schools" and want to know which medical schools in America are ranked the best around the World?  Our medical school experts have ranked the best medical schools and top medical programs for you to know which schools are worth applying to and which medical schools require the best MCAT scores.  

If you want to attend medical student, or you're a pre-medical student, know you can learn everything you need to know about the med school application process and to which schools you should apply.  

Click here to get the best medical school rankings.



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"World's Best Test Prep, Tutoring, and Admissions Experts."

"World's Best Test Prep, Tutoring, and Admissions Experts."


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Join thousands of successful test prep course students.

Top Test Prep : private tutors, admissions consultants, and expert test prep courses.

Top Test Prep: private tutors, admissions consultants, and expert test prep courses.


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Along with our #1 ranked test preparation and private tutoring...  We love coffee :)

Along with our #1 ranked test preparation and private tutoring...

We love coffee :)

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