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5 Tips to Get Accepted off the Waitlist - Admissions Counseling

5 Inside Tips to Get Accepted Off the Waitlist


How to Get Accepted off the Waitlist

By World's Leading Expert on Getting Accepted. (Author of Admit You!)

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Tips to Get Accepted Off the Waitlist    Purchase 3-Hours of Admissions Counseling Now.

Tips to Get Accepted Off the Waitlist

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I think we can agree that it's not fun to be "waitlisted" at any school, right? After all, when you open that envelope from the admissions office of your dream, you want them to be asking about your enrollment plans and not about whether you should stay on the "Waitlist" or not...

Well, make sure you read this article about "How to Get Accepted Off the Waitlist"... and we'll give you some insider admissions tips to help increase your chances of acceptance to the best schools.

Here's the Deal with the Admissions Waitlist.... Can You Still Get Accepted?

So you’ve been put on the waitlist for your top school? Well, it might not be the most ideal situation, but I’ll try to help you get off the admissions waitlist with a few easy admissions tips.  I also want to let you know that we've helped thousands of students get accepted off the waitlist from a variety of top schools - including Ivy League colleges like Harvard, Brown, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Penn.... and awesome colleges like Stanford and MIT.

Whether you’re on the admissions waitlist for a top college, medical school, graduate school, business school, these admissions tips and steps will help you get accepted.

Tips for Getting Accepted off the Waitlist:

(1) Reply immediately to the admissions office:

When you get your letter (or email) from the admissions office indicating you’ve been placed on the waitlist, don’t wait until the last minute to send in your reply letter. The sooner you indicate your interest in being accepted off of the waitlist, the more likely you’ll get into this school. I would recommend waiting no more than 48 hours. Also consider writing a certified letter, instead of an email, directly to the admissions office. Consider doing something extraordinary like writing a handwritten letter. There’s no harm in trying a different approach.

(2) Notice who actually wrote your waitlist letter.

With today’s technology, you can do basic research on any University’s admissions officers. If you received a letter from the Dean of Admissions or their assistant, do a little background check to find things out such as their age, how long they’ve been at the school, and what sorts of things they’re interested in at their current school. You’d be surprised about how much information you can find by doing a Google Search or researching social networks such as LinkedIn. Now, take this information and use it to your advantage.

Write a rapid response letter whose tone is as formal as you know that person to be. For example, if you’ve found that the admissions officer is younger, be less formal in your response. Note: this does not mean writing a casual response! Instead, try to be a little less wordy and more to the point. Your salutations and greetings also can be less formal, depending on your audience.

(3) Be specific in your intent to study at _____ school, college or university.  

Instead of writing a general letter or calling to say how interested you are in their school because it’s [simply] such a great school –  write instead about how you’ve followed Professor X academic research and how you want to be part of the school so you can contribute to their academic work. The more specific, the better! Don’t be so general in terms of how or why you think the school is a good fit for you. Do simple research to display how much you know about their school and every department in which you are interested.

(4) It’s not always about you!  The waitlist is filled with ego-driven students.

This applies to pretty much every setting, whether in your letters or correspondences to an admissions office, or in your admissions interviews. Too often students think these two situations are opportunities for you to go on about how smart or great you are personally. Think about turning the table and making it less about you and more about what you can do for their school, college or university.

(5) Re-take that test: SAT, ACT, MCAT, GRE, GMAT... whichever test you need the most help with...

If you’re applying to college and you’re on the admissions office’s waitlist specifically because of your low SAT or ACT scores, re-take the test! If you’re applying to graduate school – perhaps to medical school or some graduate program- and your MCAT score is low or your GRE score is too low, re-take the test. Admissions officers are people too (yes, hard to believe) and they know how stressful tests can be for students. If your scores are outside of their median whether for the SAT, ACT, MCAT, GRE, and so on, taking the test again will show the school how dedicated you are to getting into their program. This doesn’t mean that you have to continue re-taking an exam over and over again, but instead you should give the test one more try. When you get your improved scores, send these scores directly to the admissions office. Also, write a letter to the admissions office indicating you’ve re-taken the exam and that you are still committed to attending their program if accepted.

I hope these tips for getting accepted off the waitlist help you. There’s no need to panic if you’re placed on the waitlist. In fact, you can use it as an opportunity to showcase other talents that didn’t necessarily come out in the first round of admissions.

What the Real Story About the Waitlist?

So you want to know how competitive most waitlists are overall? Here are some key statistics about "Waitlists" for private schools, colleges/universities, and graduate schools.

Private Schools

How many students are waitlisted at top private schools every year, and how many are accepted?

Based on our 15+ years of research, we believe that there's approximately 5 waitlisted students for every 100 students in a private school class (K-12).  That means they hold about 5 spots to admit students for every 100 newly matriculated students.

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Ivy League Colleges 

How many students are waitlisted at top Ivy League schools every year, and how many are accepted?

Our research on admissions shows there's approximately 5% of applicants who apply to top colleges and universities who are finally waitlisted. 

From this list possibly 1 to 2% of the best students will get accepted off the waitlist... which is why you should signup for our admissions counseling for waitlisted students.


Medical Schools

How many students are waitlisted for medical school admissions, and how many are accepted?

We estimate that there are only 20 students waitlisted for top medical schools for every 100 students in the admitted class of students.  However, the extra hard work you do for medical school admissions can pay big dividends in terms of working to help you get admitted.  Remember, you'll have an interview for medical school... even if you're waitlisted for med school admissions.   We can even help you prepare for your medical school interview (check our 3-hour admissions program for starters).  

The best part after reading this article about the waitlist/admissions....?

Bottom line: if you're searching for ways how to get accepted off the waitlist - for boarding schools, colleges/universities, medical school, or graduate schools level - this article is just the start of helping you gain admission...

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