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Tutors and Test Prep in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Tutors and Test Prep

Searching for tutors or test prep in Chicago, Illinois? 

The Windy City, aka "Chicago," is a wonderful place to grow up and get an education, and as a Chicago parent you probably know that you want your child to go to the best private schools in the city. You recognize too that this doesn’t just happen by chance — the best students get into the best schools because they prepare for admittance in advance. Our Chicago tutoring program will help your child get into the private school of your choice, whether that is a private elementary school or a private college preparatory high school.

If you need help with the following, and you live in the Chicago area (or suburbs), get in touch:

  • SSAT and ISEE Prep (Private School Admissions)
  • SAT, ACT Prep (College Admissions)
  • MCAT, GMAT, LSAT, GRE (Graduate Level)
  • AP Exams (Calculus, Physics, English, and more)
  • Homework and Math Tutoring
Chicago, IL Tutoring
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All about Chicago's Education System:

The Cambridge School of Chicago, for instance, is one of the most elite and intimate private elementary schools in the city. The school emphasizes mathematics, science and technology coursework and provides an advanced and accelerate curriculum for gifted and talented students. Our Chicago private tutors will work your child so that they have the Chicago test prep they need to be admitted to a school such as the Cambridge School of Chicago. Tutors in Chicago IL will come to your home to work directly with your child, helping them understand all of the different facets of private school admittance.


Tutors and Test Prep in Chicago, Illinois Area.

Tutors and Test Prep in Chicago, Illinois Area.

In addition to working with elementary students, tutors in Chicago IL also are available to help high school students with SAT prep Chicago. Students who go to Holy Trinity High School are known for getting into the best colleges across the country, including prestigious Chicago universities such as Loyola University Chicago and Northwestern University. Our Chicago private tutors will work with your student one-on-one to make sure they understand the different components they need to address in their application. Our tutors have all attended the best universities and have proven track records with their own standardized test scores. They relate well to your student because they have been in their shoes before, and they have succeeded.

Chicago's "#1 Rated Test Prep and Tutoring Company" is...

Top Test Prep.

Whether you are looking into MCAT prep Chicago or SAT prep Chicago, more than 300 Chicago private tutors are available to help you achieve your educational dreams. We recognize the importance of attending the best private schools in the country in order to get a top-notch education, but it can be difficult to do without the proper guidance. Our tutors and our admissions counselors can put you and your child on the path to success.

Chicago Tutoring Reviews and Courses:

I had a tutor in Chicago come directly to me… I live in Glenview.  The private tutor was remarkable.  I prepared for the SAT, and improved my scores by 400 points. - Kerry Whitaker, SAT Tutoring (Chicago)

I got into a top private school in Chicago – Latin School – with TTP’s ISEE and SSAT prep program tutoring.

- Jackson Elaine, ISEE, SSAT prep (Chicago)