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Gaining admission to a top university is challenging for any student, regardless of where they happen to come from. For international students in Hong Kong, however, the challenges begin much earlier than the university level. Students attempting to gain admissions to an international private school in Hong Kong, whether preschool, primary or secondary, face an incredibly competitive environment.

Our Ivy League tutors in Hong Kong (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cornell, Dartmouth and even Stanford and Berkeley) are trained to help with the following exams and test prep subjects:

  • SSAT and ISEE Prep (Boarding School Admissions)
  • SAT and ACT Prep (College and Ivy League Admissions)
  • MCAT, GMAT and GRE Prep (Graduate Level Admissions)
  • AP Exams and Homework (mathematics and science)
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Top Hong Kong schools

All of Hong Kong’s top international private schools – the Hong Kong International School, the Canadian International School of Hong Kong, the American International School and the Australian International School – regularly report application levels that far outnumber the available spaces in each school.

With so many admissions applications, students are regularly denied admission, even when they appear to be perfect applicants.

Some new schools are being built, such as the much-anticipated Harrow School, but many more will have to go into operation before Hong Kong’s international schools can hope to meet the demand.

Hong Kong Tutors and Test Prep Company for Ivy League Admissions.

Hong Kong Tutors and Test Prep Company for Ivy League Admissions.

Work with Hong Kong's #1 Ivy League Admissions Company:

You want your child to have the best education possible. The necessary preparation to achieve that goal must begin very early when you are facing the competitive Hong Kong school system. SSAT Prep in Hong Kong will be necessary, as well as training in how to apply to a competitive institution. 

We have been rated "Hong Kong's #1 Best Ivy League Admissions Consultants"

for 10-years in a row. 

Fortunately, preparing for the admissions process is quite similar across all levels of education – you must maximize performance in school, in test-taking abilities, interviews and essay preparation.

It is possible through training to bring your child up to the exceptional level necessary to gain admittance into competitive programs, and our world-class Hong Kong tutors can help you do it.

We provide our top-level tutors for private, fly-in sessions for students all across the world. When you need help with Hong Kong test prep or admissions preparation, there is no better resource for your student. If your student is preparing for university admissions, we can also provide a private Hong Kong SAT tutor.

Your student will receive the highest quality Hong Kong SAT prep possible, and all the opportunities that come along with it.

Ivy League Application Assistance

Our tutors in Hong Kong are here to help you with admissions, test prep, and Ivy League acceptances.  

Our tutors in Hong Kong are here to help you with admissions, test prep, and Ivy League acceptances.  

Our Hong Kong tutoring staff are graduates of the best colleges in the world, including Harvard, Yale and Princeton. Having scored in the top 1% in all exams they have taken, they know how to help your student hone his or her abilities to peak levels.

Working with our tutors in Hong Kong, your student will be as prepared as possible to face admissions to whichever school they choose.

We also provide Ivy League educated admissions counselors, professionals know how to apply to competitive schools – from application to interview.

Entering the international education system in Hong Kong can appear daunting. However, with the help of our tutors and admission counselors, you can ensure your student will perform at his or her best.  

We’re here to help with tutoring for 香港 families and Ivy League experts.

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