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Are you searching for private tutoring, test prep courses, or admissions consultants in the Los Angeles, California area?

Los Angeles may be the home of Hollywood, but it’s also home to some of the top private preparatory schools in the country. As a Los Angeles parent, you know that giving your child the best start in life means getting them into the most elite private schools. Private school admissions in Los Angeles is extremely competitive, and you will need all the admissions guidance you can get when it comes to figuring out what the admissions directors are looking for in future students. Tutoring services in Los Angeles can help you maneuver the system.

At Top Test Prep, we have more than 300+ private tutors in Los Angeles California who have direct knowledge of the best private schools and know what it takes to get accepted.

Our Los-Angeles based tutoring and test prep includes a thorough review of the following subjects:

  • SSAT and ISEE Prep (Boarding School Admissions)
  • SAT and ACT Prep (College and Ivy League Admissions)
  • MCAT, GMAT and GRE Prep (Graduate Level Admissions)
  • AP Exams and Homework (mathematics and science)
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Los Angeles, California's top-ranked private tutoring and test prep courses.

Los Angeles, California's top-ranked private tutoring and test prep courses.


Los Angeles' Top-Ranked Private Tutors:

Now's your chance to work with the top-ranked private tutoring company in the Los Angeles area...

If you want your child to have a shot at heading back east to study at an Ivy League university, you will want them to start their educational career at one of the best elementary schools. Many parents in Los Angeles long to have their child be admitted to Brentwood School, which is one of the most elite private schools in the city. Brentwood School has nearly 1,000 students in grades kindergarten through twelfth. It is a private institution with no religious affiliation, and provides students with a well-rounded education with equal emphasis on mathematics, the sciences and the arts.

Students will need to get good scores on their entrance exams to be admitted to schools like Brentwood, and SSAT prep in Los Angeles can help them prepare better for these difficult tests.

After your child has completed their elementary education at a top private school, they will most likely move on to a preparatory high school like Harvard-Westlake School. Harvard-Westlake School is one of the most well-known private high schools in the area, with many of its students going on to attend the best universities in the country like Stanford University. 

Los Angeles exam prep can help students at schools like Harvard-Westlake prepare for their college entrance exams.

Our tutors Los Angeles have taken all of the best entrance exams and placed in the top 1 percent in the country. Whether your student is a high school student interested in SAT prep Los Angeles or a college student looking for MCAT prep in Los Angeles, our tutors can provide the guidance they need in order to succeed.

Reviews of Our Los Angeles Tutoring and Test Prep Courses:

Top Test Prep’s tutoring program was reactive, customized, and gave me incredible results. My private tutor was responsive, and taught me everything that I needed to know in order to get the SAT score I wanted. I can’t imagine working with anyone else.

– Robert Winter, SAT Prep Private Tutoring

Reviews of our Los Angeles Tutors.

Reviews of our Los Angeles Tutors.

I worked with Top Test Prep preparing for my MCAT. I had taken a course before, and seen almost no results. One-on-one tutoring with Top Test Prep made the difference. My tutor was brilliant, could teach everything on the test with confidence and accuracy, and was in-tune with my needs as a student. When I didn’t understand a concept, she would work with me until I could explain it to her. With that kind of help, I got the score I needed, and got into my top choice of med schools!

– Joanna Bolt, GRE and GMAT Prep (Los Angeles Program)
We searched everywhere for a private tutor in Los Angeles who could help our son get accepted to top private schools.  We were fortunate enough to have met with a Top Test Prep counselor.  our son improved his SSAT scores and ISEE scores by more than 120+ points in less than 6 weeks.
-Jon Macy, SSAT and ISEE Prep (Los Angeles, CA)

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