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ACT Test Preparation: Full Information and Link to  Signup for ACT Prep Course.

ACT Test Preparation: Full Information and Link to Signup for ACT Prep Course.

Are you searching for ways how to prepare for your ACT exam? Good news, the following will give you insight into the best ways to prepare for your ACT Exam and college admissions.

Inside you'll see valuable steps that will make any future high school student much more likely to get accepted into the top colleges and universities in America.

Be sure to take notes, and be sure to send us any questions about the ACT that you might have.  And let's begin preparing for the ACT Exam!

Your journey to the best colleges and universities in the USA.

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About Our ACT Test Prep

According to many experts around the country, enrolling in an ACT tutoring program is the most effective way to improve your score. Our custom ACT lessons, outstanding tutors, and impressive resource list combine to give you the most comprehensive ACT preparation possible.  Our ACT tutoring and ACT test prep programs can help you get into top colleges and universities.

Our ACT prep tutors are trained to approach each student’s individual needs, providing a customized tutoring program that is tailored to yield the best results possible.

Examples of how our ACT Prep works to increase scores:

Eddie came to us for help with his ACT exam. He was interested in applying to Top 10 colleges, and he wanted to improve her ACT test scores, significantly.

Eddie worked with a trained ACT private tutor who was able to target and improve areas on the ACT exam where he was weak – and actually turned these weaknesses into strengths. Throughout the ACT tutoring program, curriculum managers updated and adjusted his lesson plans to reflect her progress.

With Top Test Prep’s help, Eddie scored a 36 when he took the ACT exam in the spring.  He was one in approximately 4,000 who got a perfect ACT score on the actual examination.  

ACT Prep Course - "best review"

ACT Prep Course - "best review"

Our ACT Prep Tutors make your life much easier.  College Admissions experts who will help you.

Frequently Asked Questions about the ACT Exam and College Admissions:

What is the ACT Exam?

An entrance exam for college and university admissions.

Our ACT Prep Course has been taken by more than 10,000+ students.   Click this link to get started for your ACT Prep.   

Our ACT Prep Course has been taken by more than 10,000+ students.

Click this link to get started for your ACT Prep.  

The ACT is a standardized collegiate examination, similar to the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). The ACT exam is a test used to objectively measure academic ability and college readiness. The ACT exam provides college admissions offices the opportunity to see how a student might perform in college-level courses.

This video will also outline “what the ACT exam is” and how you can get ACT Test Prep:

Here’s a useful video on “What is the ACT exam?” and how to prepare to increase your scores.... big time.

What's on the ACT Exam?

The ACT tests a student’s abilities in English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing.

There are 45 minutes on the English section, 60 minutes on Mathematics section, 40 minutes on the Reading section, and 40 minutes on the Science section.  The ACT composite time is approximately 3 hours total.

Here are some examples of what’s on the ACT test:

How Can You Prepare for Your ACT Exam?

Here's a very useful video on how you can "prepare for your ACT Exam."


How is Your ACT Exam scored/graded?

The ACT exam is scored out of 36 total.  Most top schools want between a 29 to 35 as a median range.

The following video explains a more detail how the ACT is scored... for everyone about to take the ACT exam.

Here’s a video on how the ACT exam is scored:

How can you prepare for the ACT Math Section?

The ACT math section requires much practice and attention to detail particularly with algebra, geometry, trigonometry and other advanced mathematics....

As this video on the ACT math section explains, you can prepare with some simple steps to help with your ACT math scores:

Here is a video on how you can improve your ACT Verbal Scores:

Included herein are useful tips and strategies to help you with your ACT verbal/reading comprehension scores... pay attention!

The SAT vs. ACT Exam: Which should you take?

Here is a video that discusses a comparison of the SAT vs ACT Exam, and recommendations on what you should take for college admissions....

Reviews of our ACT Prep Courses:

Check out this review of our ACT Prep for College and University Admissions...

So, How Can You Sign up for our

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Great question... we've got the answer.  You should seriously consider our #1 Ranked ACT Test Prep Course which includes the following:

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