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Inside Secrets to How You Should Prepare for the Dental Admission Test ("DAT")

DAT Test Prep:  Explained with Review of Best DAT Courses in America.   Click here to purchase the DAT course now.

DAT Test Prep:

Explained with Review of Best DAT Courses in America.  Click here to purchase the DAT course now.

Are you searching for ways how to prepare for your DAT exam? Good news, the following will give you insight into the best ways to prepare for your DAT Exam and dental school admissions.  

Inside you'll see valuable test prep strategies, answers, and a DAT guide that will make any future dental school student much more likely to get accepted into the dental schools in America. 

Be sure to take notes, and be sure to send us any questions about the DAT that you might have.  And let's begin preparing for the DAT Exam!

Your journey to getting accepted to the best dental school programs in the USA, begins today.

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About Our DAT Test Prep

More than 10,000 Students have take the Top Test Prep  SAT Course.    Click here to get a major advantage by signing up today.

More than 10,000 Students have take the Top Test Prep SAT Course.

Click here to get a major advantage by signing up today.

DAT Tutoring and Test Prep: The Dental Admission Test (DAT) is an exclusively multiple-choice based, standardized exam used as an admission metric by all U.S. and Canadian dental schools. The DAT is divided into four distinct sections – in order of chronological test appearance: survey of the natural sciences, perceptual ability, reading comprehension, and quantitative reasoning.

Each one of these sections will help to test your capacity to synthesize material presented in the classroom, spatially reason and interpret three-dimensional structures, comprehend passage-based information, and problem-solve quickly and effectively. Because the DAT provides information on all of these diverse and critical abilities, it is without doubt one of the most important factors in a successful dental school application.

Examples of how our DAT Prep works to increase scores:

Anh came to us for help with her DAT tutoring. He was interested in only going to dental schools in his area.

Working one-on-one with his DAT private tutor, taking certified practice DAT exams, and following customized lesson plans, Anh gained the study skills he needed to succeed in areas Anh had previously found difficult. Additionally, his review of our DAT programs was that, “[Top Test Prep] significantly reduced my anxiety.” The DAT became much easier for her through this DAT tutoring program.

With Top Test Prep’s help, Anh scored in the top 10th percentile when he sat for the DAT that spring, and gained admission to 5 of the best dental schools.

DAT Test Prep - Best Review of Courses Available.

DAT Test Prep - Best Review of Courses Available.

Our DAT Prep Tutors make your life much easier.  Dental School Admissions experts who will help you.

Learn how to prepare for your DAT Exam by reading this article to the bottom...

The Dental Admission Test is one of the most critical portions of your application to dental school.

You must read this entire article about how you should prepare, if you want to score a 20+ and have options for dental admissions.

Frequently Asked Questions about the DAT Exam and Dental School Admissions:

What is the DAT Exam?

The DAT comprises of six distinct subjects – biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, PAT, reading comprehension, and quantitative reasoning – and is scored on a standardized scale of 1 to 30. Dental schools have access to an official report that contains the scores for all six subsections alongside two “summary” scores.

Five of the DAT sections – excluding the PAT – are averaged and subsequently rounded to the nearest whole number to yield a score called the Academic Average (AA). The Total Science (TS) score is a standardized score based on the number of questions correct from the survey of the natural sciences – it is not the average of the biology, general chemistry, and organic chemistry scores. Because DAT scores are based on the number of correct responses, examinees are not penalized for guesses. The DAT is not graded on a curve, so you need to be prepared at all costs.

Here's a helpful video on "What is the DAT Exam"....

What's on the DAT Exam?

DAT Breakdown and Subjects Covered for Pre-Dental School Candidates.

DAT Breakdown and Subjects Covered for Pre-Dental School Candidates.


Here's a full breakdown of the DAT Exam and what you should expect...

What's a Good Score on the DAT Exam?

Here's a general outline and the national average of DAT Scores:

The most recently published statistics on the DAT (ADA DAT User’s Manual 2009) indicate a collective Academic Average mean of 17.59, a Total Science mean of 17.56, and a Perceptual Ability mean of 18.17 for all examinees. Historically, the mean DAT score for all successful dental school students has remained fairly constant at low-to-mid 19’s, while a score of 21+ is typically preferred at top-tier dental schools.

However, we believe with our "World's Best DAT Prep Course" you should sign up and score above a 22+ or higher!


How Can You Prepare for Your DAT Exam?

The DAT is a test of stamina, determination, and your ability to think like the ADA. It also calls for a strong foundation in the sciences and a thorough understanding of test-taking skills. 

DAT Tutors at Top Test Prep, who have all scored within the top 1%, can help you to develop these talents in order to optimize your score.

Here’s a video on how to prepare for your DAT Exam and dental admissions...

What are some great tips to prepare for the DAT Exam?

There are three main strategies to prepare for the dental admission test…

(1) With DAT self-study – not recommended unless you’ve always scored in the top 1% of an exam.

(2) With hybrid – some help with a tutor and some self-study for DAT;  yes, recommended if you’re motivated, but still need some guidance.

(3) With a private DAT tutor and a course program- we recommend this because it works – students in our DAT prep program see an average score increase of 20 percentiles or more.  See our course below to get started.

Here's some great tips on the DAT Biology section and how to prepare for sciences on the exam...

Here is a video on how you can improve your DAT Scores, big time!

What's the Cost of the DAT Exam?

It's approximately $450 to register for the DAT Exam.  This cost is expected to rise in 2017 to 2019 by 20%.  

How to Signup for the DAT?

All aspiring applicants looking to take the DAT must first obtain a DENTPIN (DENTal Personal Identifier Number), a unique 8-digit numerical sequence used to associate your DAT and National Board Dental Examination (NBDE) scores with your own application. The application for a DENTPIN can be initiated and completed on the DENTPIN Registration Page of the ADA website. After you have been assigned a DENTPIN, you may submit an electronic application to Prometric to schedule a testing appointment. Examinees are encouraged to schedule their testing appointment 6-8 weeks before their intended exam dates.  Applications may not be submitted more than 6 months before the desired test date.

Is a Calculator Allowed on the DAT?

A basic four-function calculator (similar to the one bundled with all Windows desktop software) is available on the computer screen during the quantitative reasoning section of the DAT. The calculator is operated through the mouse, not the traditional keyboard, and is not usable on any other section of the exam.

Reviews of our DAT Prep Courses...

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