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HSPT Exam Prep - Review #1 Best Catholic High School Entrance Preparation

HSPT Exam Prep - Review of "Best HSPT Prep"


Inside Secrets to How You Should Prepare for Your HSPT Exam...

Read this entire article about the HSPT  exam and then click above to register for your own HSPT test preparation.

Read this entire article about the HSPT exam and then click above to register for your own HSPT test preparation.

Are you searching for ways how to prepare for your HSPT exam? Good news, the following will give you insight into the best ways to prepare for your "High School Placement Test" and get accepted into the best private Catholic High Schools. 

Inside you'll see valuable steps that will make any future high school student much more likely to get accepted into the top local Catholic schools.  

Be sure to take notes, and be sure to send us any questions about the HSPT that you might have.  And let's begin preparing for the HSPT Exam!

Your journey to the best Catholic Schools, begins now.  

Read this entire article about the HSPT exam... And share with anyone you know preparing for the Catholic School Entrance exam.


About Our HSPT Test Prep

Custom Study Plans + Awesome Tutors for HSPT:

Every student who's registered for our HSPT course receives a custom tutoring plan that prescribes the exact type of studying and resources you should be studying for... 

Our HSPT Tutors make your life much easier.  The exam for Catholic School Entrance, doesn't need to be difficult.  

Frequently Asked Questions about the HSPT and Catholic School Admissions:

What is the HSPT Exam?

The High School Placement Test (HSPT) is used by many Catholic schools as an admissions test and as a placement test within their schools. This test is only administered to 8th grade students entering 9th grade. The HSPT is developed by Scholastic Testing Service (STS) and is sometimes referred to as the STS exam or STS-HSPT. The exam often only utilized by private schools and private Catholic schools, to assess a middle school student’s performance, and to determine which school is the best academic fit for that student. Each school administers their own HSPT exam, unlike the SSAT or ISEE.  Our HSPT tutors are here to help you succeed on the Catholic school entrance exams.

Here’s a video on “What is the HSPT Exam?” and answers to your questions:

What's on the HSPT Exam?

There are 5 sections on the HSPT: verbal, quantitative, reading, math and language sections.

All of the sections on the Catholic School Entrance Exam are multiple choice, and they each have an different amount of time allotted to them.  

How is the HSPT Exam Scored?

Each section of the HSPT is scored on a scale of 800, with the average standard score being 500.

Can You Give Me Some HSPT Math Preparation Tips?

Why, yes we can... we're happy to help you prepare for your HSPT Exam Math Section, one of our specialties! 


Can my child take the HSPT exam more than once?

The HSPT should only be taken once; however, the school may decide to allow a student to retake the HSPT under special circumstances.

Can you use a calculator on the HSPT Exam?

At this time, you cannot use a calculator.  However, we'll make your brain function like a calculator when you're taking the exam :) !

How Can I Prepare for the Reading and Verbal Section on the HSPT?

Here is a comprehensive video teaching you how to prepare for the HSPT reading and verbal section for the High School Placement test:

How can you prepare for the HSPT Math Section?

Here are some tips as you prepare for your HSPT - High School Placement - Math/Quantitative Section

Reviews of our Test Prep Courses:

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