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Inside Secrets for How You Can Prepare for the LSAT and Law School.

Find out how to prepare for your LSAT Exam.   Sign up for the "#1 bestselling LSAT course now..."

Find out how to prepare for your LSAT Exam.

Sign up for the "#1 bestselling LSAT course now..."

Are you searching for ways how to prepare for your LSAT exam? Good news, the following will give you insight into the best ways to prepare for your LSAT Exam and law school admissions.

Inside you'll see valuable LSAT test prep strategies, answers, and a guide that will make any future law student much more likely to get accepted into the top law schools in America.

Be sure to take notes, and be sure to send us any questions about the LSAT that you might have.  And let's begin preparing for the LSAT Exam!

Your journey to getting accepted to the best law schools in the United States, begins now.

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About Our LSAT Test Prep

Whether you’re trying to improve your logic games LSAT section, or trying to understand the LSAT reading passages and logical reasoning portions, we’re here to help you.

Our custom LSAT private tutoring will improve your scores while giving you the tools to get into top law schools. Your LSAT plan and one-on-one tutor will cover any of your strengths and weaknesses, eventually raising your LSAT score between 5 to 15 points on average.  You can increase your score on the law school admission test, and we’ll show you how.

Examples of how our LSAT Prep works to increase scores:

Mary came to Top Test Prep for help with she LSAT prep. She was interested in applying to several top law schools. She hadn’t done any LSAT prep before, and was searching for an LSAT prep group that would challenge him to do better – and give her the LSAT strategies to increase her scores.

Mary scored a 154 on her first diagnostic exam.  LSAT Curriculum and LSAT tutor managers at Top Test Prep carefully considered the results and designed a series of lesson plans tailored to improve her LSAT score and strengthen her testing confidence.   She was paired with a highly qualified LSAT tutor who was able to target and improve areas on the exam where she was weak. Throughout the tutoring program, curriculum managers updated and adjusted her lesson plans to reflect his progress. “We spent a lot of time on what I needed.”

Mary gained the skills she needed to succeed in areas she had previously found difficult on the LSAT. With Top Test Prep’s help, Mary scored a 177 when she sat for the LSAT that spring.

More success stories on the LSAT Exam...

LSAT Prep Reviews.  See what customers have to say about our LSAT course.

LSAT Prep Reviews.  See what customers have to say about our LSAT course.

Our LSAT Prep Tutors make your life much easier.  Law School Admissions experts who will help you increase your scores and get into law school.

Learn how to prepare for your LSAT Exam by reading this article to the bottom...

Once you decide to apply for law school, planning how to prepare for the LSAT is one of the most important steps to take. You’ll want to get familiar with the test and outline a exam study schedule that will help you to be as prepared as possible when you sit down to take LSAT test.

Frequently Asked Questions about the LSAT Exam and Law School Admissions:

What is the LSAT Exam?

LSAC administers the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) four times a year at centers in the USA and Internationally. It is required for admission to all ABA–approved law schools, most Canadian law schools, and many other law schools. Many law schools require that the LSAT be taken by December – one year before attending- for admission the following fall. However, we recommend you take the exam sooner so that you can focus on the law school personal statement and the actual law school application.

Here’s some helpful information on how to increase your LSAT score and get into top law schools:

Video on "How to Get Accepted to Law School"....

What's on the LSAT Exam?

There are three core sections to the LSAT exam: the logic games, the reading comprehension and logical reasoning section.  Our LSAT tutoring program can help you increase your score substantially.

Here's a full breakdown of the LSAT Exam and what you should expect...

How Can You Prepare for Your LSAT EXAM?

Here's a very useful video on how you can "prepare for your LSAT Exam."


How is Your LSAT Exam scored/graded?

The LSAT Exam is scored out of 180.  Meaning the highest possible LSAT score is a 180. 

We've had more students get a perfect LSAT score than any other LSAT test prep company.

Here’s a video on how the LSAT exam is scored:

How can you prepare for your LSAT Exam and Law School Admissions:

The LSAT logic games and logical reasoning are difficult, but we can help you improve your scores on these section and all others.

As this video on the LSAT Logic Games explains, here's what you can do to prepare for these tough LSAT sections...

What LSAT score do you need to get accepted to law school?

Find out here what's the score you need to gain admission to America's best law schools.

Should you ever re-take the LSAT Exam?

Well, first and foremost, if you had taken our (Sign up Here) "World's Best LSAT prep course," you would never need to re-take the LSAT Exam again... so remember that!

However, here's a helpful video to answer your question on the LSAT exam.  

Reviews of our LSAT Prep Courses...

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Here's a review of our LSAT Preparation and Tutoring Courses:

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