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Top 5 College Application Mistakes - College Counseling Tips You Need

Top 5 College Application Mistakes


College Admissions Tips - Don't Make These Mistakes When Applying...

By World's Leading Expert on Getting Accepted to Colleges. (Author of Admit You!)

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Tips Before You Apply to Colleges    Purchase 3-Hours of Admissions Counseling Now.

Tips Before You Apply to Colleges

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Think you've got the perfect college admissions application?  Think again... Before you apply to colleges and universities, you need to read this to make sure you don't make any mistakes on your college applications (The Common App) or not.   These tips could save your life :)

Make sure you read this article about "How to Make the Perfect College Application"... and we'll give you some insider admissions tips to help increase your chances of acceptance to the best colleges.

Here's the Deal with the Admissions Applications.... What You Need to Know?

Before you click "submit" on your common application - or any college application portal - you need to know the in's and outs of college applications, and the most common mistakes that students make when applying....

Whether you’re applying to an Ivy League School or Top College (or anywhere for that matter), read these tips before submitting your application to college.

Tips for Writing the Perfect Application (without mistakes):

When you’re applying to colleges, it’s important to know the most common application mistakes, and how you can prevent these simple errors. In fact, these common admissions application mistakes can make your test scores and hard work in school less relevant. Knowing these mistakes can make your application perfect and won’t get you rejected from your top college.

Most "Common App" College Application Mistakes:

(1) Forgetting Spell-check. This is by far the most common mistake students make. You should have someone you know read your essays and applications, and at the very least (which takes two seconds) select “spell check” on Microsoft Word when completing your application. This could literally save your application as admissions officers don’t like to see typos and simple errors. Remember, the application is a reflection on your entire high school career.

(2) Entering the wrong college “CEEB” information. When you’re applying to colleges, you should know the correct “College Entrance Examination Board” or “CEEB” code number. This number is assigned by the College Board to any college you’re applying to. Don’t mess this number up! If you assume that a college’s CEEB code is correct, double-check. Many SAT scores are not received each year because student’s incorrectly put the wrong CEEB code.

(3) GPA (weighted v. unweighted). The difference between your weighted and unweighted GPA can be significant. The weighted GPA is what carries more significance, particularly because it means you have taken harder courses in high school. Know the difference between a weighted and unweighted GPA. The weighted GPA means that AP and honors courses are assigned higher values compared with the unweighted GPA, which means a GPA that is based on “normal” course work. If you mess up this calculation, the college admissions offices could reject your application. So be careful not to confuse the two concepts. Your high school should clearly note these on your transcript they provide.

(4) Extracurricular activities. On the new Common Application, you are given an option to enter 12 extracurricular activities. Be careful not to put too many here! Fewer extracurricular activities is sometimes better. Also, if you enter too many extracurricular activities on the common application, there’s a good chance a “red flag” might be raised by the admissions officers. What this means is that an admissions committee could either doubt that you actually completed that many extracurriculars or believe you’re exaggerating. Remember, there’s a fixed number of hours in any week – whether academic or not – and if you suggest in your common application that you’re doing close to 25 to 40 hours in extracurriculars, that work will come into question. Less is sometimes better. Think quality over quantity.

(5) SAT and ACT score self-reporting. On the common application, you’re asked to self-report your SAT/ACT scores. Be careful you get the dates, scores and subjects correct. Any mishap here can cause a serious red-flag, and your application will be tagged by the admissions committees. Now that the SAT is based on score-choice, you can select which scores you want to report. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t include the proper scores. Your SAT and ACT scores need to be accurate, along with your entire college application.

What the Real Story Here... How Many Students Really Make these Mistakes?

So you want to know how many students make the above application mistakes and errors?  Well, even after spending four (actually many years) of their lives in school, the application is your last chance to show off everything you've got before applying to college.  And yet, before we work with students, we see sometime hundreds of errors on each students' applications.  So be prepared!  And make sure you've signed up for our college admissions counseling.  

Spell-Check Your Applications.

How many students actually forget to spell-check their applications to colleges?  We estimate in our research that more than 140,000 students each year forget to click their spell-check!  Even with the auto-correction and spelling tools provided by the Common Application, students are often too-stressed to click a simple button.


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How many students write the wrong test score on the Common application boxes?

For the greater pool of college applicants, the Common App found more than 23,883 student each year write the wrong test score down... which is why you should signup for our admissions counseling to help you improve your test scores and applications... we'll check the boxes to ensure you've written everything correctly.


The best part after reading this article about perfecting your college apps....?

Bottom line: if you're searching for ways to make sure your application for college is perfect, read below.  Our college admissions counseling and consultants will make sure you get someone who can review every component of your admissions application... we'll give you a detailed checklist to follow.  

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College Admissions Help - Essays, Application Review, Test Scores.

College Admissions Help - Essays, Application Review, Test Scores.


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